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1991 Pro Set NFL Football Cards (Individual)

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1991 Pro Set NFL Football Cards (Individual)

#38 Andre Ware Houston Cougars Heisman Hero 1989
#65 Mark Ingram New York Giants
#96 Chris Hinton Atlanta Falcons
#97 Chris Miller Atlanta Falcons
#136 Steve Atwater Denver Broncos
#164 Ernest Givins Houston Oilers
#204 Tom Newberry Los Angles Rams
#239 Brett Maxie New Orleans Saints
#259 Jesse Smalls Philadelphia Eagles
#290 Michael Carter San Francisco 49ers
#295 John Taylor San Francisco 49ers
#356 Gerald Austin Officials Side Judge
#376 Think About It It's Your Earth. Keep it Clean. Don't Pollute Ray Childress Houston Oilers
#381 Jim Lachey Washington Redskins

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