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1970s Metropole Restaurant & Nightclub & Cafe Hong Kong Wooden Matches Box Pack

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1970s Metropole Restaurant & Nightclub & Cafe Hong Kong Souvenir Wooden Matches Box Pack


Great condition. Does not appear to be open any more. I only speak English but when extracting the letters and converting to English using Babel and Google the output was the following. The phone number locates it to Hong Kong Island in the 1970s based on the format.


薪歸墉酒胰 岌觼會
Pay for the wine and pancreas Ji

Xiang ˙ three lane 鍞 Dagger Kok King 闐 bad 36 to 闐 three ˊ and dream slaughter


Hong ˙ three lane 鍞 dagger Anglo-Royal good 阗 bad thirty-six to 阗 three and dream Tu

薪歸墉酒胰 岌觼會
Return to wine 胰 wine pancreas will move

Dimensions: Approx. 2 3/16" x 1 5/8" x 3/8"

Weight: 7g